Health and Wellness Services

Required Health Service File Information

Physical/Health Examination Form (Updated January 2017) Spanish Form

Dental Examination Form (Updated January 2017) Spanish Form

Dental Examination Waiver (Updated January 2017) Spanish Form

Eye Examination Form

Eye Examination Waiver

Medication Administration Form (Updated January 2017)

Inhaler and Epi-pen Administration Form (Updated January 2017)

Asthma Action Plan (Updated January 2017)

Asthma Episode Emergency Response Protocol (August 2017)

Asthma Education for School Staff (August 2017)

Diabetes Management Plan (Updated January 2017)

Epilepsy Management (Updated January 2017)

Immunization Compliance GOB  NEJH  (2017)

Current Health Topics

Annual Wellness Assessment

Flu Prevention Tips  (Updated January 2017)

Antibiotics Awareness

Lice Information and Management  (Updated January 2017)

Concussion Facts For Parents (English)

Concussion Facts For Parents (Spanish)

Playground Safety

Helpful information from the Silvis Wellness Committee

Silvis Wellness Policy

Why are healthy celebrations important?

Non-Food Celebrations

Action for Healthy Kids – Non-Food Rewards

Smart Snacks

Comprehensive List of Smart Snacks